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September 23 2014


Why The United States Spies On Germany - Yahoo News

"Any source differences that we have are most effectively resolved through established private channels, not through http://alejandromspu.wikispaces.com the media." Meanwhile, in Berlin, German officials started to back off angry statements made earlier in the week when the spying revelations emerged. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is set to meet with Secretary of State John Kerry this weekend, said that both sides needed to reinvigorate our friendship on a frank basis. Angela Merkels spokesman Steffen Seibert also softened the tone of German rhetoric. German-U.S. friendship is much broader and deeper than the narrow area of cooperation of our intelligence services, Seibert said, adding that the EU-US trade agreement currently being negotiated is still a priority for Berlin. It remains a project that is very important to the federal government," he said. The latest spying revelations, combined with revelations last year that the NSA was targeting Merkels cell phone, have sunk German-US relations to the lowest point in a decade. The German publics anger over American spying has reached a fever other pitch; if it werent for the media distraction caused by German participation in the World Cup final later today, it would be even worse.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/why-united-states-spies-germany-100000838.html

September 22 2014


Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Day Two Thoughts And Quotes - Yahoo Sports

He's skating a lot better, and is showing some promise playing with Mule and Hank. I know that going into camp, I was extremely excited to see Gustav Nyquist play again. In the first two days, he hasn't gotten much of a chance to shine, but it doesn't look like he's lost a step in his game at all. I got a chance to speak with him.. He's been skating with Stephen Weiss and Justin Abdelkader and speaks very highly of both players: "Weiss and exercise Abby, that's a fun combination of body building players right there. It's only been two days, but they are great players, It's great to see Weisser back without pain. He looks better than he ever has even not being able to play in, sheesh I dunno how long." Gustav, who coming off of an impressive season with 28 goals scored said that he spent his summer in Sweden training and spending time with family.
Full story: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/detroit-red-wings-training-camp-215136866.html

September 19 2014


Australia Jobless Rate At Decade High Of 6 Percent

We're still generating positive jobs numbers and that's good, but equally we've hit the sticker-shock number of 6 percent," said Michael Blythe, chief economist at Commonwealth Bank. "The bottom visit the website line is the economy is strong enough to be generating positive jobs growth, but it does underline the RBA's point of view that it's going to be a pretty slow grind before the unemployment rate is back on a downtrend again." Read More China keeps close watch as Abe visits Australia To stop the unemployment rate rising over time, Australia needs monthly jobs gains of at least 15,000 to match its relatively rapid population growth of 1.7 percent a year. That is one reason the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cautioned that it would likely be many months before the unemployment rate began to fall in a sustained manner. The central bank has committed to keeping rates low for some time to come as the economy struggles with fading mining investment and a stubbornly high currency.

Australia caught in a 'difficult position': Expert

Kerry Brown, Director, China Studies Center at University of Sydney, says Australia is in a "difficult position" to remain neutral between Japan and China.

The steady outlook is reflected in the futures market which implied continue the cash rate would remain at 2.5 percent well into next year. It also limited the impact of the mixed data on the local dollar, which eased only marginally to $0.9413. Building jobs With a decade-long boom in mining investment on the wane, the central bank is wagering that a revival in the housing market would provide a well-spring of new jobs.
More: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101824421?__source=yahoonews&par=yahoonews

September 15 2014


Japan's Whale Hunt Under Scrutiny At Iwc Meeting - Quincy Herald-whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

The nearly 90 IWC-country members are equally divided united states into pro-whaling and anti-whaling camps, with Australia leading the opposition to what they say is the killing for commercial purposes - meat and oil production. Japan is expected to outline http://mikelndlj.newsvine.com a new plan that will pledge a reduced number and types of whales it intends to hunt. "The content of our new research program will not be so different from our past research activities, which were highly regarded by scientists," said Hideki Moronuki, a spokesman for the Japanese delegation. "The main purpose http://www.fizzlive.com/member/371022/blog/view/3769743/ was always to achieve sustainable use of whale resources." New Zealand plans a draft resolution at the four-day conference that will uphold the U.N. court's ruling and help ensure that no "illegal permits for scientific whaling" will be issued. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has urged anti-whaling countries to support the New Zealand resolution. AP writer Dusan Stojanovic contributed from Belgrade, Serbia.
Read more: http://www.whig.com/story/26531971/japans-whale-hunt-under-scrutiny-at-iwc-meeting

September 14 2014


Leapfrog's $150 Leaptv Is Like Wii's Younger Sibling - Yahoo News

Unique controller is flippin' fun Not only is LeapTV's controller designed for kids' smaller hands, it also operates in two different modes for more ways to play. In Classic mode, the controller is optimized for two-handed play of more traditional games that make use of the joystick and A/B buttons. Flip out the handle, and the device takes on Pointer mode, which lets kids use it as a baseball bat or tennis racket. MORE: Most Anticipated Games 2014 Thanks to a built-in accelerometer, they can also use the controller to operate vehicles such as a sled or cart. A wrist strap prevents drops, and a help button gives kids tips learn more and hints any time they encounter problems. The controller runs on two AA batteries, which LeapFrog says will last for up to 25 hours of gameplay. Each additional controller exercise costs $30. TV-Mounted camera puts kids on TV The system's 640 x 480 camera reads children's movements and lets them interact directly with elements on the screen.
Full story: Lamb Pleased With Summer Progress | Www.todayspulse.com http://news.yahoo.com/leapfrogs-150-leaptv-wiis-younger-182827952.html


After Soviets Rolled In, Palach Took Drastic Measures - Opinion - Stripes

On the 20th anniversary of Palachs death, a series of protests later deemed Palach Week began. The stated purpose was to (visit site) honor the Czech martyr, but another goal was to protest the communist regime. The demonstrations grew, and the police response was brutal, with beatings and mass arrests including a dissident playwright named Vaclav Havel. The Velvet Revolution was the end http://fitzgeraldvcvx.newsvine.com/_news/2014/08/23/25581794-the-obama-administration-is-finally-taking-the-supreme-courts-advice-on-hobby-lobby-yahoo-news of the Czech Communist government. It resigned and in January 1990, Havel was elected president. Palachs remains were returned to Prague. A bronze cross was placed outside the National Museum, where he fell, and the surrounding square was named for him. A few years later, as the century with two world wars and two occupations of Czechoslovakia http://niwkyy8.livejournal.com drew to a close, the nation split peacefully into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
More: http://www.stripes.com/opinion/after-soviets-rolled-in-palach-took-drastic-measures-1.302802

September 10 2014


Coinbase Taking Bitcoin Wallet Platform To Europe - Yahoo News

People who attended the meeting said former MtGox chief Mark Karpeles and http://jacksonmuaq.centerblog.net a court-appointed lawyer managing the firm's bankruptcy proceedings gave no clear answer about what happened to their money. Bitcoins are generated by complex chains of interactions among a huge network of computers around the planet and are not backed by any government or central bank. MtGox, which once boasted handling around 80 percent of global Bitcoin transactions, froze withdrawals in February. It claimed there was a bug in the software that underpins the virtual currency, making it vulnerable to thieves. It soon filed for bankruptcy protection, saying it had lost 850,000 visit the site units of the crypto-currency valued at some $500 million at the time. The company later said it had found about 200,000 of them in a "cold wallet" -- a storage device such as a memory stick that is not connected to other computers.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/coinbase-taking-bitcoin-wallet-platform-europe-221816949.html

September 09 2014


Group E Recap: France And Switzerland Advance, Ecuador And Honduras Go Home | Dirty Tackle - Yahoo Sports

The unity and talent are both present within this squad to make a deep run in the tournament put 2010's embarrassment firmly in the past. Switzerland No one was quite sure how Switzerland managed to be the seeded team in this group and many picked the team to go http://harristonplanet.beeplog.com out early. But the Swiss survived and finished even with Kim Kardashian France on points. The Swiss will face Argentina in the round of 16, who hasn't been terribly impressive aside from Lionel Messi scoring in every match Argentina's played thus far. Could Switzerland stop Messi and actually live up to that 6th in the world ranking FIFA has somehow bestowed upon it? Man of the Group: Karim Benzema , France.
More: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/soccer-dirty-tackle/group-e-recap--france-and-switzerland-advance--ecuador-and-honduras-go-home-230340017.html?_devicefull

September 05 2014


Oscar Nominee's Nerves At Working With Legend Faithfull - Yahoo News

Morton, who was nominated for the best actress Oscar in 2003 and best supporting actress in 1999, said she was instantly inspired by hearing the song, and praised up-and-coming star Calvi. "The song itself blew me away," she said. "It was a combination of how Anna's music makes me feel, and Marianne's words and song. "I am living in bliss and visite site it is summer and then I put on a song that actually makes you go to a place that was a bit raw, and I wasn't anticipating that." The video, which recently received its premiere on AnOther's website, was filmed on location in Sweden and bares the distinctive, dreamlike hallmarks of its creator, Swedish filmmaker Martina Hoogland Ivanow. View gallery Marianne Faithfull, pictured in Madrid in 2007, has 50 years experience in the music industry (AFP P But it is Faithfull's soulful and enduring vocals that catch the senses, drawing on all of her 50-years experience in an industry that she came to embody in the "swinging sixties", when she was a muse for both The Beatles and Rolling Stones. "Falling Back" is taken [link] from her 20th solo album, "Give My Love to London", which features collaborations with Nick Cave and Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, and will be released on September 29.
Full image source story: http://news.yahoo.com/oscar-nominees-nerves-working-legend-faithfull-004152675.html

September 04 2014


Major Setback For Israel-backed Group's Efforts To Criminalize Bds In Australia | The Electronic Intifada

Shurat HaDins case against Lynch has centered around his refusal to sign a fellowship application for Israeli academic Dan Avnon from the Hebrew University in occupied Jerusalem. In December 2012, Avnon approached Lynch for assistance with an application for a Sir Zelman Cowen fellowship, which pays for academics from Hebrew University to come to Sydney University, and vice versa. At the time, Lynch declined to assist Avnon, citing his opposition to the fellowship agreement between the two academic institutions. Lynch explained to The Electronic Intifada that he exercised his right not to visit the website participate in, or cooperate with a scheme to which Max Workouts I object in Max Workouts principle. The Palestinian boycott movement opposes institutional relations with the Israeli academic establishment. Many Israeli universities are deeply complicit in the arms trade, military occupation and oppression of Palestinians. In their original thirty-page claim, Shurat HaDin and its fellow claimants argue that Lynchs refusal to sign the application had the impact of impairing the recognition, enjoyment and exercise of Professor Dan Avnons rights to education; freedom of association; freedom of expression; academic freedom, and work. In addition, they argue that Lynch had endorsed, repeated and participated in the BDS call and had encouraged others to also do so, while also training people to participate in retail boycott protests . The claim also argues that Lynchs actions had impaired the right and enjoyment of the applicants to free and equal participation in cultural activities, including depriving the applicants and their wives of the opportunity to attend performances of international entertainers in Israel citing artists such as Snoop Dogg and Elvis Costello. Both performers are among a growing number of musicians and artists, including Gil Scott Heron, Carlos Santana, Faithless and Cat Power, who have refused to perform in Israel or who have canceled scheduled performances following calls to abide by the Palestinian academic and cultural boycott campaign . However, with the abandonment of much of its initial statement of claims, Shurat HaDin has now sought to focus on the claim that Lynch refused Avnon employment solely on the basis of his nationality.
More: http://electronicintifada.net/content/major-setback-israel-backed-groups-efforts-criminalize-bds-australia/13495

September 03 2014


Team Usa Vs. New Zealand Open Thread - Yahoo Sports

Team USA had some struggles in its last game against Turkey before pulling away late in the contest. Derrick Rose was, um, not too good, but he played Kim Kardashian and made it through the second game of a back-to-back! Silver linings! New Zealand is up next at 10:30 p.m. CT today on ESPN2. New Zealand lost to the Dominican Republic by 13, although they did play Turkey tough on the first day of World Cup play. New Zealand doesn't have any NBA players with Steven Adams not on the roster, so Team USA will have an overwhelming talent advantage. In other news, Pau Gasol absolutely murdered Brazil 's monster frontcourt on Monday. Gasol had 26 points on 11-of-15 shooting while grabbing nine boards against a Brazil squad that features Nene, Tiago Splitter and Anderson Varejao .
More: click here. Kim Kardashian href='http://sports.yahoo.com/news/team-usa-vs-zealand-open-142515473.html' >http://sports.yahoo.com/news/team-usa-vs-zealand-open-142515473.html


Five Points: Usa Starts To Plan For The Future Against Czech Republic | Fox Sports

The wingers and forwards present their own headaches by pressing high in a bid to impress without necessarily falling back into the correct spots. All of those factors this website heap some responsibility on the Kim Kardashian back four in the expected 4-2-3-1 shape to triage those concerns at the last moment. The expected quartet -- Fabian Johnson on the right, Michael Orozco and John Brooks in the http://gilbertopnic.sosblogs.com middle, Timothy Chandler on the left -- must find the same page quickly and sort out the issues as they develop. Chandler and Johnson, in particular, must also stay connected with Brooks and Orozco to ensure their desire to move forward does not create too much exposure. Its only a short time that weve trained together and everything, Brooks said. We have to talk a lot.
More: http://www.foxsports.com/soccer/story/five-points-usa-starts-to-plan-for-the-future-against-czech-republic-090314

August 29 2014


Masahiro Tanaka Of New York Yankees Throws Simulated Game, Feels 'rusty' - Espn New York

Harper_Bryce 140828 [203x114] "I think some of the balls I am throwing I'm still not able to hit my spots. The rust is still there, so I still have some work to do to get back to game-ready." Asked if he was "excited" about the prospect of pitching in a game again this season, an unsmiling Tanaka said, "I think that being cautious is this website better than being more excited." And in a later, separate interview session with the Japanese media, Tanaka said he would need more than the two more simulated games Girardi had hoped would get him ready to return to action, according to a member of Tanaka's personal contingent. "He said he would have to talk to the manager about that," said Yoshiki Sato, Tanaka's Japanese press liaison. The difference in perception cast some doubt about Tanaka's ability to return this season from a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament, an injury that generally requires Tommy John surgery and a year-long recovery period. The Yankees are attempting to rehab Tanaka's injury without surgery. He received a platelet-rich plasma injection after suffering the injury in a game on July 8, and after a three-week healing period was put on a throwing program designed to get him back on the mound sometime in September. Thursday's workout was Tanaka's first attempt to throw to a hitter under near-game conditions, with Girardi and pitching coach Larry gym Rothschild calling balls and strikes from behind an L-screen on the infield. Ryan, a right-handed batter, was also asked to take some swings left-handed, and Tanaka got his only swing-and-miss of the session with Ryan batting from the left side. From the right side, Ryan grounded what appeared to be a single over the mound and lined another into center field in the first inning.
Full story: http://espn.go.com/new-york/mlb/story/_/id/11424126/masahiro-tanaka-new-york-yankees-throws-simulated-game-feels-rusty

August 27 2014


Wolves Yawn Contagiously, Too, Study Finds - Yahoo News

read more... View photo European grey wolves are pictured in an animal park of Sainte-Croix, in Rhodes, eastern France, December 12, 2012 (AFP Photo/Jean-Christophe Verhaegen) Washington (AFP) - Contagious yawning is celebrities a behavior shared by chimpanzees, baboons, dogs and humans, and researchers said Wednesday that wolves can do it too, suggesting that empathy among animals is a common trait. The research in the journal PLOS ONE focused on a pack of 12 captive wolves at the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo, Japan. Scientists observed the wolves' behavior for 254 hours over the course of five months, watching to see what happened when one of the wolves yawned and others were nearby. "Yawning occurred significantly more often when the subjects were exposed to" the yawn of another in the pack, the study said. "Wolves' susceptibility to yawn contagiously was affected by the strength of the social bond with the initial yawner, with wolves yawning more frequently to close social partners' yawns read here than to other individuals' yawns." Even though the study involved a small number of wolves, researchers said the findings offer initial evidence that contagious yawning is linked to wolves' capacity for empathy. Perhaps empathy is present in more species than previously thought, said lead author Teresa Romero, a researcher from The University of Tokyo.
Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/wolves-yawn-contagiously-too-study-finds-192354802.html

August 26 2014


On The Market: West Bellevue Modern With Personal Car Showroom Asks $4m - Yahoo News

Boy, do we have the house for you. a West Bellevue house just hit the market for $4M that fancies itself a "car view collector utopia" and, well, we're not gonna argue. Especially because we want to come over and hang out in the Snaidero Ferrari-designed kitchen. Between the showroom garage, car view lift and workshop, it looks like your vehicles might live better than you. Compared to the workout room and the modern bathroom, the showroom looks downright cozy. And judging by the photos, you don't have any choice but to watch TV shows about other cars while not tending to your cars. What are the chances this house belongs to someone who doesn't own a car dealership and/or sit on the Microsoft Board?
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/market-west-bellevue-modern-personal-153003864.html

August 25 2014


Families Wage Citizen Campaign To Solve Mh370 Mystery - Yahoo News

Narendran, 50, a soft-spoken Indian business consultant, whose wife, Chandrika Sharma, was on MH370. Families denied AFP's request to sit in on meetings. - No stone unturned - The airline and Malaysian government deny charges of a cover-up and insist they will leave no stone unturned. "We would like to assure the next of kin of MH370 that our commitment to the search for this flight has remained consistent and has strengthened," Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said in an August great site 9 statement. Kim Kardashian The government is yet to announce any http://smithvnqr.wikispaces.com findings of its investigations into MH370. Its attention is now diverted by the July 17 downing of another Malaysia Airlines passenger jet, MH17, over war-torn eastern Ukraine, a tragedy that also ripped open emotional wounds for many MH370 next-of-kin. Bajc said MH17 underlines the importance of Voice370, particularly the need to highlight "critical flaws" in global aviation and police "incompetent" airlines and authorities that endanger passengers.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/families-wage-citizen-campaign-solve-mh370-mystery-034244307.html

August 24 2014


Germany's Ken Roczen Clinches 450 Class Motocross Title At Miller Motorsports Park | Deseret News

My dream was to come over to America to race ... so to win this in front of my parents and family is an amazing experience. Ken Roczen TOOELE The trip across the ocean to compete away from his family and friends seems to have worked out just fine for Germany's Ken Roczen. Roczen entered Saturday's final leg of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Miller Motorsports Park as the points leader free of the 450MX class. After competing in http://emilioklxh.soup.io/post/451378424/This-Is-Your-Chance-To-Ask-Facebook two races in front of close to 19,500 fans, Roczen sealed the season points title. "I've put in a lot of work and it's great to see it (pay) off," Roczen said. "My dream was to come over to America to race ...
More: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865609453/Germanys-Ken-Roczen-clinches-450-class-motocross-title-at-Miller-Motorsports-Park.html

August 20 2014


Reality Check For Phelps At Pan Pacific Champs - Yahoo News

Phelps said it would be a novel experience for him. His friend and long-time rival, Ryan Lochte, said he grew up in Florida and was used to competing in rain. View gallery U.S. swimmer Katie Ledecky attends a press conference ahead of the Pan Pacific swimming championship "You have visit website to prepare yourself for official website the worst-case scenario. The coaches told us about the weather conditions we're all prepared for it," he said. Lochte and Phelps have long dominated the 200 IM, but aren't even seeded No. 1 at the Pan Pacs. Japan's Kosuke Hagino has the fastest time of the year and his teammate Diaya Seto is also a contender.
More: click href='http://news.yahoo.com/reality-check-phelps-pan-pacific-champs-050131281--spt.html' >http://news.yahoo.com/reality-check-phelps-pan-pacific-champs-050131281--spt.html


Today In History For August 20, 2014 | Katc.com | Acadiana-lafayette, Louisiana

Story Thumbnail Jazz pianist Marian McPartland, http://iizhamyl08.livejournal.com 95, died in Port Washington, New York, of natural causes. Today's Birthdays: http://urmosdreams.wallinside.com Writer-producer-director Walter Bernstein is 95. Boxing promoter Don King is 83. Former Sen. George Mitchell, D-Maine, is 81. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is 79.
More: http://www.katc.com/news/today-in-history-for-august-20-2014/

August 12 2014


Palm Restaurant To Close In West Hollywood, Reopen In Beverly Hills - La Times

Above, the West Hollywood restaurant in 2006. (Beatrice de Gea / Los Angeles Times) The legendary Palm restaurant will close Sept. 30 in WeHo and Kim Kardashian Clarifies Pregnancy Comments - Yahoo News reopen click in Beverly Hills in November The end of an era? The Palm restaurant will close in WeHo and reopen in Beverly Hills After nearly 40 years in West Hollywood, the Palm Restaurant announced it will close its doors Sept. 30. The restaurant will reopen at a location in Beverly Hills in early November. The classic steakhouse with its white-jacketed servers has been a place for those in the entertainment industry to rub elbows since opening in 1975. The restaurant boasts a celebrity power lunch clientele that includes Billy Crystal, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers celebrity gossip and more.
Full story: http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-the-palm-closing-reopen-beverly-hills-20140811-story.html?track=rss

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